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Required Reading: The Manny Effect


I’m a little late in recommending this Jonah Keri post at FanGraphs, but not too late for you to revel in some Manny Ramirez nostalgia:

Whenever the Indians were on TV, the whole family would gather around to watch. When Manny would do something particularly amazing, everyone would go nuts. “Manny Ramirez! Manny Ramirez!”, they’d all yell. The family’s King Charles spaniel was your typical cute little lap dog, rarely making noise or bothering anyone. But every time anyone exclaimed “Manny Ramirez!”, the dog had the same reaction: YIPYIPYIPYIPYIPYIPYIPYIPYIPYIP

More importantly, Keri points out that despite his skill erosion, Manny is still a very bad man:

Are you a skeptic who thinks Ramirez isn’t the same since his 50-game PED suspension in 2009? You’re absolutely right. In 167 games (631 PA) since then, he’s hit well below career norms, with a line of .284/.399/.476. That’s still better than anyone the Rays had before last night.

Keri also points out that Manny has an OPS+ of 156 for the years 2008-2010, second only to Albert Pujols.

Ramirez signed with the Rays for $2 million, a steal for a DH with that production and just $700k more than Austin Kearns signed for. And in the past, Manny has publicly stated his desire to return to the Indians.

So forgive me if I wax nostalgic and wonder if, with a little more interest, Manny could have been Manny in Cleveland again.


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