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Is Grady Sizemore Trade Bait?

Grady Sizemore signing autographs

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Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has this to say about Grady Sizemore in today’s notes column:

Another fascinating name is Grady Sizemore, a lefthanded hitter coming off two years of injuries. The Indians would love to move him, but it’s unknown whether Sizemore will be able to start the season. Sizemore’s injuries have really set back what was looking to be a stellar career.

I question Cafardo’s assertion that the Indians “would love to move [Sizemore] ,” at least not until Sizemore shows that he has recovered from microfracture knee surgery. I can’t imagine clubs making a strong offer for Grady now given the drop-off in his production the past two seasons.

If Sizemore’s range has deteriorated due to the surgery, he might have to move to an outfield corner, and he might have lost some of his basestealing ability as well.

Sizemore will make $7.5 million in 2011, a steal for a center fielder with power, speed, and Gold Glove defense, but not for a left fielder with a .737 OPS. The Indians also hold an option to pay Sizemore between $9–$10.5 million in 2012—the amount depends on certain escalator provisions in the contract—or to buy him out for $500,000.

If the Tribe does deal Sizemore this winter, then they are either more pessimistic about his recovery or more financially strapped than I thought.


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