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QotD: Jhonny Peralta and the Sound of a Thousand Tiny Violins

Jhonny Peralta

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Jhonny Peralta, from Paul Hoynes’ piece in the Plain Dealer:

I know a lot of fans wanted more out of me … I tried to do the best I can. Some people don’t understand how hard baseball is.

Tribe fans definitely expected more out of Peralta, especially the last two seasons. He never equaled the promise of 2005, when he batted .292/.366/.520 with 63 extra-base hits and looked like Cleveland’s answer to the Holy Trinity of Shortstops.  Perhaps the pressure of following Omar Vizquel was too great for him, or his maddening plate indiscipline prevented him from achieving more.

In any case, Peralta has not found baseball any easier in the Motor City.  Since the trade, he is hitting .187/.265/.400 and playing slightly below average defense at short.  The Tigers have also found baseball harder since the trade, going 7-13 and falling out of contention in the Central Division.

Leave aside his five home runs for Detroit (hit in only 3 games) and Peralta’s numbers look even more inept: .129/.218/.143.  In 17 of his 20 games with the Tigers, he has provided sub-Mendoza production.

Yes, Jhonny, baseball is hard.  Thankfully, Indians fans don’t have to watch you prove it any longer.


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