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Depressing Quote of the Day


From Manny Acta, rationalizing his decision to bat Trevor Crowe fifth last night:

Crowe is second on this team in RBI [30]. He’s been very good with runners in scoring position. He’s second on this team with doubles [18]. Right now I feel he makes us better hitting in the middle of those guys.

Crowe is second in RBI only after discounting the disabled (Travis Hafner) and the dispatched (Jhonny Peralta and Austin Kearns.) Still, it’s pretty depressing that can be true of a player who did not make the Opening Day roster—or even appear in a major league game until May 15—and has batted leadoff in 70 percent of his plate appearances.

None of this is to disparage Crowe.  He is best suited for a bench role, capable of pinchrunning and playing all three outfield positions, but injuries and trades have thrust him into the starting lineup.

It’s just another indicator of how disappointing this season has become.


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