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All-Star Game LiveBlog


6:51 – Rodriguez and Reyes have stolen bases tonight, A-Rod off the LHP Cole Hamels. Something tells me that the pitchers aren’t doing much to hold the runners and keep them honest. Since Hamels and Dan Haren don’t have any experience working with their respective catchers, I doubt they have many signs worked out.

6:57 – A-Rod missed his Pete Rose moment there, electing not to bowl over Russ Martin and forever alter his career a la Ray Fosse. Too bad for the millions of fans looking for another reason to hate him.

7:04 – Extremely tiresome to hear Joe Buck and Tim McCarver apologize for Barry Bonds, saying they are “happy to have him here” and “he deserves to be here”.

7:12 – All the deserving Indians made it to SF this year, but Victor Martinez should really have been the starter at catcher – not 3rd in line behind Pudge and Posada.

7:15 – Ichiro rounds the bases faster than Eric Byrnes’ dog can paddle off into the Bay.

7:20 – Carsten Charles Sabathia takes the mound and promptly retires Utley on three pitches. Crawford makes up for a late jump with a nice running catch for out number two.

7:23 – The leadoff hitters, Reyes and Suzuki, have been the stars so far, hitting a combined 6-for-6 with 2 runs, 2 RBI with a double, steal and inside-the park HR.

7:27 – Could the dugout interviews with Leyland and LaRussa be any more boring? I wish Fox would stop treating the game like an interruption to their program.

7:31 – Coco Cordero replaces Chris “Last Man” Young, after Young blew the lead in the fifth. Another CC, Carl Crawford, makes LaRussa pay for this decision by taking Cordero out to deep right. Looking like the NL drought will extend to 11 years.

7:34 – “This one counts” should just be changed to “This one reinforces the notion that the AL is the superior league”. Not very catchy, though.

7:37 – ESPN Page 2 noted that the AL’s combined payroll is more than twice that of the NL. This could be a sign that the NL has younger talent that has yet to capitalize on the big free agent dollars, which would be optimistic for the NL if that same talent wasn’t inevitably going to sign with the Yankees and Red Sox.

7:41 – Leyland joked earlier that he wished he could pitch J.J. Putz for six innings in advance of the Tigers series with Seattle. Any chance he can use Verlander for 150 pitches instead?

7:45 – Seeing Griffey play right in this game makes me wonder if Mark Shapiro could pry him away from the Reds. He’s signed through next year to a very affordable deal unlike Adam Dunn, who can be a free agent at the end of the season. How about Jeremy Sowers, Brian Barton and Scott Lewis for Griffey, Scott Hatteberg and David Weathers?

7:49 – Just heard Joe Buck say “he couldn’t fit mine in his pocket, it’s so big”. Glad to hear he’s talking about his scorecard, not cornholing Bruce Froemming.

7:52 – All of America is waiting for Paula Cole’s keyboard player to reboot. Will this finally put to rest the obnoxious tradition of singing “God Bless America” instead of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”?

7:54 – Paula Cole beats the hell out of Ronan Tynan, though. Reflective and wistful rendition, not martial.

7:58 – Grady Sizemore enters the game, playing out of position in RF. If he ends up tearing ligaments in his ankle running over the bullpen mound, I say it’s a conspiracy by Leyland.

8:01 – Santana is working fast to Soriano, getting him to strike out looking. Johan would have been my choice to start the game, if only to see him face Bonds in the first.

8:06 – Grady swings at a fastball high and tight to become the AL’s first strikeout victim. Victor homers over the left-field wall to sew this one up for the AL.

8:36 – Two boring half-innings come to a close with a groundout to Freddy “Dirty” Sanchez. If Leyland is true to his word, a Putz should finish the ninth.

8:42 – Everyone knows McCann can’t move a rubber tree plant, but he’s got high hopes… and he pops out to short. Dmitri Young wouldn’t be in this game if it weren’t for quotas. One player from each franchise, I mean.

8:53 – What is it about defensive miscues that cause a pitcher to lose focus? After Roberts’ non-error, Putz suddenly went to a three ball count on Soriano before giving up the HR, then walked Hardy on five pitches. It’s like he no longer believed in his dominant closer persona. Maybe he should have stroked his billy goat beard a few times.

8:57 – Wouldn’t you rather have Albert Pujols at the plate in this situation, not Derrek Lee? Why has baseball’s best hitter spent the whole game on the bench? I thought this one “counted”.

9:01 – Hudson just walked, the bases are loaded in the bottom of the ninth, Soriano can move to CF if needed — and LaRussa still lets Rowand bat with Pujols on the bench. I think LaRussa is just giving his star the day off. So much for all his pre-game bluster about the “embarrassment” of the NL losing streak. Pitiful.

9:05 – Go Tribe!


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