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Victor Martinez Wins Silver Slugger Award


Victor Martinez was announced as the 2004 Winner of the Silver Slugger Award as the best-hitting catcher in the American League. Martinez shares the award with seven-time recipient Ivan Rodriguez of the Detroit Tigers.

Rodriguez was clearly the class of AL catchers this season. Pudge led all AL catchers in OPS, Equivalent Average, Value over Replacement Player and Runs above Replacement Player while Victor finished 4th or 5th in each category. Surprisingly, Martinez received more votes than last year’s award winners Jorge Posada (Yankees) and Javy Lopez (Orioles). Lopez, Posada and Jason Varitek all had comparable or better offensive numbers in 2004.

Still there is no denying Martinez’ incredible breakout performance. Only 25, Victor led the majors in HR and RBI in games played as a catcher. With all the other top catchers on the wrong side of 30, Victor should add a few more Silver Sluggers to his wall in the near future.


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