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Often Imitated, Never Equaled


A recent Google search on “tribescribe” turned up this impostor. On a separate page, there are promises of an online edition “Coming Soon”. Don’t be fooled! This is still the genuine TribeScribe, the only source for my somewhat infrequent musings on the state of the Cleveland Indians.

Sure, they have a staff of 16 writers and an advisor. I can’t deny that I’m feeling the heat to churn out more and better content. But I’m confident that my reader(s?) will still turn to me for quality writing, unmatched insight and timely analysis. Unless of course my reader(s?) want to know what’s been happening at J.J. Kelly High School in Wise, Virginia. Let me send a shout out to all the Young Dems there. First lesson, kids: never let your name get put on a list like this. Karl Rove is watching!


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