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Bartolo Colon Traded to White Sox


I had intended to emerge from hibernation today and comment on the Indians’ off-season acquisitions, but news of the Bartolo Colon three-way takes precedence. Has there ever been a GM who managed trade negotiations worse than Omar Minaya these past few months? I grant you he was placed in a difficult situation by MLB’s decree to cut salary in 2003, but assuming the reported offers were true, what he ended up with is a joke. Essentially, Minaya traded Lee Stevens and three top prospects for El Duque, Tim Drew, Rocky Biddle and Jeff Liefer (aka Lee Stevens Lite). Let’s not forget the 17 starts Colon made for the Expos in their futile drive for the wild-card, which eluded them by “only” 12.5 games. Mark Shapiro is looking pretty shrewd for dealing Colon when he did.


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