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well, i have been on pins and needles, making repeated trips to the world wide web for news of the latest indians’ disaster, and sure enough, the expected became awful reality this afternoon when jim thome became the latest (and possibly, second-greatest, after manny ramirez) indian to leave for greener pastures (that is, pastures paved over with the green of money). the thing that’s most hurtful about this departure – and all along, tribescribe east contended that the indians needed to offer in the $15-17 million range – is that jim thome is not just one of the most productive hitters in the game, but he is also one of the finest people in the game, and the loss of jim thome the ambassador and loyal teammate is just plain awful. since dolan took over the team and gave a mandate to cut payroll, i have feared that the exodus of top players would begin and never really end until the day in the distant future when another savior comes to buy the team(a la the jacobs brothers), and i would wager your salary, dear reader, that is exactly how it’s going to be. i mean, does it make sense anymore to keep omar vizquel, or would this team be better served to trade him and get more prospects? and, won’t ellis burks be a nice addition to some contending team in mid-season needing power and rbis? this loss indicates to me that the indians never really intended to do anything but dump the whole damned team into the cuyahoga and start fresh, beginning with the robbie alomar trade. i feel sick, saddened, and disgusted by the entire event.


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