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may i tell you how i feel about the twins clinching at the jake? distressed, yes indeed. a casual observer of baseball told me the other day that the tribe’s current predicament certainly seems to put them in a pickle as far as revenue goes. i mean, what really will drive attendance next year? it has been proven conclusively that a team in cleveland (a baseball team, that is) had better contend, or fans will forget how to get to the stadium. it will be interesting to see precisely how many season tickets they’ll be selling this year (a good time to buy, i’d say). tribescribe east is considering a move to bring himself closer to the friendly confines of the jake, as i’m thinking that the scalpers are going to need some love. in any case, the twins made a scene and a mess in the visitor’s locker room yesterday, and the anti-climax of the season came at the conclusion of the twins’ 5-0 win yesterday, and the end of the rain-soaked yankees’ win over the white sox which mathematically eliminated the sox (finally) and brought the twins their first postseason berth since the glory days of kirby, kent hrbek, frank (101-stringed) viola, et al. good for them, i guess – here’s hoping that bud selig’s personal waterloo begins at the homerdome. (if the indians aren’t contending, tribescribe has no choice but to root for the league’s doormat, as this really seems like karmic circumstance that would bring the twins full circle from contraction to world series contention. what do you suppose the owners did to deserve this???) anyway, i hope the twins’ players – underpaid or not – gave tips to the clubhouse attendants for cleaning up their mess. (i noticed tarps under their feet to prevent slipping – i guess it’s too late to suggest sabotage….) anyway, at least it wasn’t the salary-dumping white sox this year. (wait, wait – the indians were salary-dumpers…oh well.) well, in any case, it’s back to the familiar refrain we indians fans had been using since the 50’s…..”WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!!”


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