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Just to clarify:

  • “Bill Selby” and “somebody young” are two mutually exclusive options. Selby is 32, which makes him old in baseball terms and certainly not a “tradeable commodity”. He wouldn’t just slip through waivers, he would drop like a hot iron through a four-story house of butter.
  • The Tribe’s only options beyond Fryman are Greg LaRocca, Chris Coste and Earl Snyder (provided Johnny Mac is still playing second when Brandon Phillips gets his call.) Coste and Snyder are still helping Buffalo toward the storied Triple-A World Series and none of the three could be called prospects.
  • Karim Garcia did not spend time in Japan. He has visited nearly every AAA park on the continent in the last five years, though he may have missed some in the now-defunct American Association. I would also wager that your perception that “he doesn’t strike out too frequently” will be quite different after a full season next year.
  • The early end to Matt Lawton’s season doesn’t make me blue either. Better to have him healthy and playing in left next year than limping out the rest of the season. Best case scenario: he has a strong first-half in 2003 and gets dealt to a contender to make room for Ryan Church or Jody Gerut or Coco Crisp.

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