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i literally CANNOT think of any other reason – save sheer insanity – that lee stevens would set foot on the field at the start of the game. i know that what you say is logical; however, there is NO OTHER explanation; they must be playing him more frequently than we would say is necessary because they think some other team might be intrigued by lee stevens’ dazzling…smile. (i suppose it could actually be argued that stevens has provided a little offense on occasion. i would respond that his lack of production generally is pretty offensive.) i believe i said that shapiro and company must trade him for whatever they can get (see my comment about the bob ojeda card) now, and stop wasting time. also, travis fryman – retiring at the end of the season – is a wonderful person, and had been a fairly productive player before last season, but it’s time to let him get his “last at bat” in the remaining ballparks, and let’s see bill selby or somebody young out there. (although i keep reading – and hearing – that selby is being looked at as a potential tradeable commodity, a guy who apparently is a better pinch hitter than regular hitter. whatever. he seems…eager.) as far as karim garcia goes, well…didn’t he go to japan and play? maybe whatever it was that was preventing him from reaching his potential before has been eradicated, and he is now going to be a decent major-leaguer. the lack of walks bothers me, i’ll admit, but what he DOESN’T do is almost better…he doesn’t strike out too frequently (especially with runners on) and he doesn’t hit into a billion double plays a week. (ask me if i’m sad matt lawton is done for the year…go ahead, ask me.)


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