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I have a 1992 Bob Ojeda trading card. Do you think Mark Shapiro would trade Lee Stevens to me? He could do my laundry, empty the cat box, paint my back room. I could even take him to bars with me and pick fights with boyfriends of beautiful women, then let his fists do the work. I’d have to limit my taunts to right-handed guys though, since Lee can’t hit lefties.

If Stevens is being showcased, Shapiro better get him buffed, waxed and install an after-market sunroof. Since draft-pick compensation for free agents was removed in the new CBA, it would make sense to deal the impending free agent now for whatever little we could get. The trading deadline has passed however, so anyone acquired by a contender now wouldn’t be eligible for a post-season roster. And are there really any contenders that could use him?

The Giants have two mediocre left-handed first basemen cluttering their roster in J.T. Snow and Damon Minor. Although it’s not a strict platoon, the Braves have been getting good contributions against righties from Matt Franco. Anaheim seems content with Scott Spiezio and the Dodgers are committed to playing local boy/celebrity millstone Eric Karros. So you are talking about acquiring a guy who would only serve as a left-handed pinch hitter over the course of 20-plus games. How valuable could that be? Certainly not the difference between winning a pennant or not.

Props to Lee for his 2 homer, 6 ribbie game on Friday, but I don’t know why Joel Skinner keeps running his carcass out to LF or 1B instead of someone who might actually play a role on the next good Indians team. Hopefully Ben Broussard will get his ABs once Buffalo’s season has ended. BTW, Victor Martinez was called up today after being named the Eastern League MVP. Let me know how he looks.


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