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already three wins in a row against the white sox. a case of too little too late? it hardly matters – neither team is playing above .500, and neither has a chance to overtake the twins. regrettably, the burgeoning rivalry between these two clubs has become meaningless as their second-tier status becomes reality. the fans in chicago think so; last night’s attendance at comiskey was under 17,000. at least indians fans have a continuing interest in seeing how the tribe might look NEXT year, as the youth movement continues. i was thinking about lee stevens and his .213 BA and concluded that the throw-in from the colon deal is obviously being showcased to contenders as a potential bat off the bench, because he is taking away playing time that otherwise might be used to expose some of the other, younger players to major league pitching. hey, mark shapiro, why waste time and at-bats? let stevens go to the first team willing to offer a minor-leaguer and a 1992 bob ojeda trading card.


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