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very very funny – and tribescribe east has no excuse – no excuse at all – for not sending you perfumed love letters, because i can’t stand kelly green and gold…night after night i sit here and watch the once great indians, now reduced to the kind of team that has players on it that we’ll forget were even here in two years…today, on ESPN “classic”, i watched the 1993 indians get no-hit by jim abbott…i found my lip quivering at the sight of manny ramirez, kenny lofton, a svelte sandy alomar, and a positively slender jim thome, with jose mesa – who would start the very next game, charting pitches on the bench, near mike hargrove. by the time master card played the “gehrig’s speech, robinson’s rookie season” commercial, i was tearing up. now, the 1993 indians were not a good team, mind you. in fact – i may be wrong – but they may have lost more games than they actually played that season…(tribescribe west, what WAS the record?) the rotation was an absolute disaster, riddled with injuries, candy maldonado was back for a second round with the tribe, the pen had suffered some tragic losses before the season began…but things were going to be good, you could feel it. belle, baerga, ramirez, thome, lofton, nagy and alomar were all there. the makings of a great team. grover was at the helm, being patient, teaching patience. they lost the game – september 4, 1993. one-handed pitcher jim abbott no hit them (6 walks, though). he was really a marvel. tonight, then, 9 years later, the tribe pounded on some bad fielding by the tigers on their way to a 6 run sixth and beat the tigers 9-3 behind the most encouraging start of the season by jaret wright. wright had pretty good control, threw 81 pitches, i think, and 50 for strikes. his velocity was up in the mid-90s, and he located his fastball pretty well. encouraging, if the tribe was in the playoff picture, because it would be nice to have a healthy wright for the playoffs. however, even if he continues to improve and finally remain healthy, it seems unlikely that cleveland will pick up his option for next year. he has basically been injured for two years. sad. wright showed so much promise, and now it appears that if his recovery is complete, the indians will not be the likely beneficiary. HOWEVER, tonight’s game, coupled with my earlier viewing of the 1993 edition reminded me that it is just POSSIBLE that some of the youngsters out there may yet make a team that can win a little. here’s hoping that this awful season – only about 30 games from the end – is a precursor to better things to come. by the way, happy birthday to dawn doty, mother of edward and ava, and the love of tribescribe east’s life.


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