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here is what tribescribe ohio thinks of the “plan” being executed by owner dolan and general manager shapiro: it stinks. prospects for our moderately priced veterans is pretty damned risky. the indians are on pace to draw 2.7 million fans DESPITE sucking, and it has not escaped out attention that the indians are now hitting and in need of starting pitching, ironically. (and the increased offensive production is NOT a result of the influx of expos from the colon trade – instead, gutierrez is healthy and hot, milton bradley is healthy, and johnny macdonald has been a spark. if macgruder was hitting at or near his career average from the left side, his numbers would be much better as well. (he’s hitting about .220 from the left side and .300 righty.) a friend of tribescribe ohio’s said during the early part of the season that the tribe wasn’t nearly as bad as they were playing, and i believe him now. but it’s too late, and postmortems for the early part of the season are senseless, since the club is quite different now in personnel. for the rest of the season, though, we are all praying for a way to sign jim thome to a long-term deal – otherwise, there is no basher on the immediate horizon. this has been a tough year, friends. it would be a lot more difficult without omar, ellis burks, and jim thome.


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