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tribescribe ohio has had a very difficult time contributing over the lat two plus weeks, as the tribe’s run through the interleague part of the schedule was as frustrating as the first part of the season. however, i will point out today that tribescribe ohio did in fact call for the head of charlie manuel, and got it. joel skinner has been named interim manager and has been promised an opportunity to fill the position permanently as soon as mark shapiro gets around to filling it. why manuel wanted the job long-term is a mystery to me, as it was obvious to me that he was the wrong man at the wrong time for this team. the indians’ hitters lacked dicipline, which is itself a mystery as this is the same charlie manuel who coached the mid-nineties’ indians to excellence at the plate. it is hoped that current hitting coach eddie murray – a man whom tribescribe ohio respects enormously – will have more success in getting the tribe hitters to exhibit more discipline in the second half of the season than they showed in the first. (thank god matt lawton is on the disabled list – less twin killings are in store until his return…) so long, charlie – we knew you as a pretty damned good hitting coach, but a miserable handler of pitchers and a lackluster disciplinarian. you will be missed a bit, thanks to your role in the indians’ resurgence in the mid-90’s.

my question is this: will tribe fans revolt if jim thome is traded to the red sox? i hope so. watch out, mr. shapiro – rocky colavito still storms in anger around the lakefront…


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