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As the Tribe falls further into the abyss (now 3-6 on this 12-game road trip), I keep finding new ways to measure their decline but unfortunately only one way to describe them: worst in the league. Just today I discovered that the Indians turn a smaller percentage of their baserunners into runs than any other AL team. If they were only league average in this department, it would add 46 additional runs and 4-5 more wins to the ledger. As I discussed in a previous post, part of the blame lies in the Tribe’s proclivity for double-play ground balls and unsuccessful steal attempts. One hundred runners have now been cut down before their time. How many more must there be before this madness ends?

Not only is the Tribe offense the least efficient in the AL at converting baserunners into runs, but the defense is the least efficient in either league at turning balls-in-play into outs. For a fan that has grown accustomed to watching Alomar, Vizquel and Lofton make sparkling plays up the middle, this is the most disturbing trend of all. If the Indians pitching staff was not the least homer-prone and second-best strikeout staff in the AL, we all could be waking up to find Cleveland last in the AL Central.


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