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rolen, incidentally, has made it very clear that he wishes to be nearer to his family in the midwest, and has supplied that reason for his decision not to respond to the phillies’ offers…also, he seems not to like manager larry bowa. also, his contract is up at the end of the season and some teams seem willing to pay the gross national product of some nations for certain marketable players…call me a cynic. still, i am sitting here with the rand-mcnally road atlas and a compass trying to decide whether cleveland or chicago is closer to his hometown…

Editor’s Note: According to Rand McNally, Jacobs Field is 410 miles from the Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame located in Rolen’s hometown of Jasper, IN. Wrigley Field is just 271 miles away. Peter Gammons has suggested that the Reds should deal for Rolen. Mapmakers would agree, as Great American Ballpark (opening in 2003) will be the closest major-league stadium to Jasper at a distance of 166 miles.


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