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A Horse is a Horse, Of Course

Colon threw 120 pitches tonight in getting the victory over the Phillies. Only 3 K’s, so he continues to be effective without being overpowering. What was Charlie Manuel’s intention running Colon out there in the ninth? Sure he could have got the shutout, but he had already thrown 111 pitches and had a 5-0 lead. You have a closer that has only thrown 18 pitches in the last week, a pitcher called up four days earlier who has yet to appear in a game, and a bullpen whose best pitchers had the previous night off. Seems like the perfect opportunity to let Nerio Rodriguez get his feet wet or give Wickman a little work. Instead you let your workhorse start the ninth and throw nine more pitches, enough to prove he is truly gassed and to dig a hole for your bullpen. Wouldn’t it be better to conserve those pitches for a more critical game (if the Indians will be playing any critical games this year)? Charlie should ease up now on Colon if he expects to have him healthy and effective in September.

Did I mention that the Indians won?


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