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Show Some Love, Tribe Fans!

Scanning the AL All-Star balloting, I realized that no Indians are currently listed among the top vote-getters while 8 former Tribesmen have received noteworthy support. This year’s voting has its share of oddities (check out Armando Rios and Tsuyoshi Shinjo at 6-7 in the NL OF), but none compare to the complete absence of Cleveland players. Was it that long ago that the Tribe fielded an All-Star at every position?

Even with the massive overhaul of last winter, there are still a few Indians deserving of All-Star recognition. Despite his slow start, Jim Thome has risen to third in the league in OPS (behind A-Rod and Jason Giambi), making him far more productive than the #3 and #5 vote-getters (Doug Mientkiewicz and Steve Cox). Omar Vizquel has always been the defensive superior of Derek Jeter, but this year he has been more productive offensively as well. Should he be trailing Jeter, Carlos Guillen and Cristian Guzman? Blame it on the drop in attendance or Internet voting or sympathy for the Twins, but these guys should be getting more votes.

There is still time to correct this travesty of democracy. Cast your 25 votes online until June 28 and stuff the box at the Jake through June 20.

The 8 former Indians currently among the top All-Star vote-getters are as follows: Roberto Alomar, Sandy Alomar, Jose Hernandez, Jeff Kent, Kenny Lofton, Mark McLemore, Manny Ramirez and Richie Sexson.


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