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tonight’s less than meaningful and less than scintillating game against the phillies was more interesting than the 3-1 final score suggests…let me explain…the indians walked only 4 times tonight, in addition to the 6 hits they mustered. HOWEVER they struck out only three times. this lineup – however patchwork it appears – may be able to get some wood on the ball more frequently, which may ultimately help us to score some runs. regrettably, the indians’ hitters beat the ball into the ground 22 times tonight, which resulted in (only) one double play, and 23 outs. least with the ball in play, it is theoretically possible to advance a runner. we needed some contact hitters, and we may actually have some. with branyan (since departed) and thome headed for 150 plus strikeouts apiece, things were looking kind of bleak for the tribe’s “new-look” (trademark name, “nulook”, backward ‘k’) offense of moving runners around, stealing a few bases (and we have stolen “a few”), and all that comprises the “little ball” (also known as, “we can’t afford a slugger anymore”) offense. this is really stretching to find a silver lining in ths game for the offense. the pitching – including tribescribe’s new, improved whipping boy, mark “i can’t justify my salary” wohlers, performed fairly well against a really anonymous group of phillies hitters, giving up 9 hits (when, exactly, did mike schmidt retire?) and 5 walks, but keeping the game from getting away, miraculously. the phils stranded 18 runners. the tribe did its level best to keep the pace by leaving 14 on. we need someone – by someone i mean someone other than omar vizquel – to start hitting some with runners in scoring position. holy mackarel. and some of that production has got to come from the bottom of the lineup, as they are really quite miserable down there, and we don’t have anyplace to hide anyone right this minute. after last season, by the way, who would have thought sandy alomar’s average would be significantly higher than einar diaz’s? we need some doubles down in the 8 and 9 spots, einar, please.


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