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well, there was no hand-wringing, just game-day observations. i knew russell branyan and his lovely, looping swing were causing additional wrinkles on his manager’s ever more receding hairline, and predicted that his playing time would be decreased. also, even though charles nagy happens to be one of the all-time greatest indians (as voted by the fans), and his contributions to the tribe’s resurgence will not be forgotten, i also could easily see that charlie would soon be pulling a semi-permanent disappearing act into the california sunset….

what to do about wohlers? did mr. shapiro not notice that the braves and reds had parted with him, i wonder? the braves rarely part with decent pitching, as they have an almost magical ability to predict productivity from that position, and the reds’ jim bowden is the king of panning gold from the scrap heap, so i could never fathom why – given wohlers’ performance last year – shapiro eagerly and with some fanfare gave him that deal. it appears that some of hart’s old obsessions about the bullpen were passed on to his successor. regrettably, there are dollars that are wrapped up in wohlers’ arm now, and can’t be recovered. but, we knew all this, didn’t we?

and speaking of the manager…why was buddy bell hired if not to replace manuel…soon? (although i prefer joel skinner, the overqualified third base coach…) charlie’s mishandling of colon is reason enough to hear that staple of press-conference-speak, “we feel that – at this time – it’s time to move in another direction…”


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