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One game in the course of a long season is insufficient evidence for nearly any point I might argue. In one game Mark Whiten can hit like Mark McGwire and Matt Young can pitch like Cy Young. Nevertheless, I find it hard not to draw some conclusions from Tuesday’s debacle against the Twins.

1. No amount of loyalty can justify Charlie Nagy’s spot on the roster. After an effective April pitching in blowouts and lost causes, my fellow Cinco de Mayan has been routed like crack French troops by Mexican peasants. His outings have become infrequent as it is clear that Charlie Manuel has no faith in his ability to keep a game close.

2. Mark Wohlers’ contract was money flushed down the toilet. Why did Mark Shapiro offer Wohlers a multi-year deal when Joe Torre refused to use him in any clutch situations down the stretch last year? Wohlers was so buried in the Yankee pen that he recorded only one hold after July 14, and even then only after the Yanks had clinched the division.

The Tribe has three guys in Buffalo who have major-league experience and could pitch better than either Nagy or Wohlers. Nerio Rodriguez, Dave Maurer and Jerrod Riggan would be better and cheaper additions to the back of the pen and deserve the opportunity.

Update: Charles Nagy was placed on the DL Friday with a right elbow injury. Well, duh. No word yet on whether this is the same retirement plan that the Cardinals have offered Andy Benes.


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