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is there a surfeit of teams willing to part with prospects for a recently-injury-prone third baseman with severely diminished power? i do not disagree that russell should play more often than not, but the object is still to win games, and he isn’t helping.

last night i watched my second all-time favorite indian, charles nagy, get demolished by the twins. crushed for 8 hits and 9 runs in two innings. charley, you need to go home and think about your immediate future. with no cartilage in your elbow and no movement on your fastball, it is time to hang ’em up. go home and throw softballs into a soup can at least, to get pinpoint control, because the only way to stay in the majors is to get some kind of pin-point control, make ’em miss. your ability to keep the ball down isn’t helping these days when they can read the trademark because it’s moving too slowly and with no movement. i’m going to miss you, the player who – in my mind – most closely symbolizes the rebirth of the indians in the early 90’s. maybe you can have a kind of jose rijo-like rebirth….who knows? but, you aren’t helping the team win, and your outings are increasingly ugly.


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