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While I agree that Fryman may not have fully recovered from his injuries and I maintain hope that he will metamorphose into a tradable commodity by July 31, any decision to play Fryman and bench Branyan would be a bad one. Others have speculated that Magruder may platoon with Branyan upon Bradley’s return, which would be preferable to the situation you propose. The only problem with this is that in very limited at-bats, Branyan has absolutely *killed* lefties (1.029 OPS in 102 career PA). Counterintuitively, his struggles have come against RHP. Magruder switch-hits and I don’t have his data vs. LHP and vs. RHP, but I think that Russell should be getting as many ABs as possible to work out his difficulties.

BTW, the folks at list Kenny Keltner as one of the most similar players to Travis Fryman through age 32. Coincidentally, Keltner’s last year in the majors was the year he turned 33. History repeating itself?


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