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when times are tough for a once-contender, hazy summer talk turns to trade rumors…or at least, the rumors of trades to come, as there is nothing specific yet in the works (that we know of, hmmm???). my fear, of course, is that there will be salary dumping and fistfuls of so-so prospects in our not-so distant future. i believe in the cleveland talent evaluating apparatus, i suppose, but i fear fire sales. there is no pressure to unload a veteran in return for nothing, really. it doesn’t appear that the tribe will lose money this year, unless attendance really REALLY bottoms out. i would almost rather have a draft pick than another handful of guys languishing in the minor leagues’ lowest levels and failing to develop for their teams before arriving – cardboard suitcase in hand – in kinston or somewhere. just a feeling, to be sure. i’m certain brother mitchell will have more specifics about the rummage sales of the indians’ past in order to clarify this point…

by the way, travis fryman, we really do love you and care, but do you have anything left? we need some power down there in the lineup.

also, if anyone ever reads this and goes to the jake, please stop booing russell branyan. we knew he was going to strike out a lot.


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